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How to lower sample rate from 48,000Hz to 44100Hz

  I downloaded Play it live for an internet station and discovered that the sample rate was raised up to 48000Hz and now the program no longer works with live365 because live365 doesn't support it at 48000Hz. It only works at 44100Hz.

Is there a way to lower the sample rate to 44100Hz?

I can't find where to change this.

Thank you

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Well James,

Not much help to you perhaps but this has me puzzled as well.

It seems to be independent of the source file sample rate or settings of any physical output device.

As a "sub-optimal solution" you could take an analogue output of PlayIt Live and use a different encoder.

B.U.T.T. (Broadcast Using This Tool) seems to have had an update recently and would be my first suggestion for a different encoder. 

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