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Now Playing HTTP 429 Error

I am attempting to set up a web endpoint to catch the Now Playing information sent through an HTTP get request, but I keep getting this error 429 from the Now Playing Plugin... (Read on past the image, there's more to this story)


I obviously thought this was an error with WIX (the platform I am using to host my HTTP get endpoint) since it must have rejected the request, so I tried sending the request from the same computer, but just using chrome instead to do so... (replacing {{artist}} with "test" since I obviously don't have access to the artist variable inside of chrome)


This is the blank page in chrome (my endpoint doesn't serve any response content yet, so it's just a blank page). And here is the developer logs from WIX which keep track of any traffic that comes into the site...


The only traffic that even showed up in the logs was my request made from google chrome. It shows that I can successfully handle requests made outside of the Now Playing software, so I don't think it's WIX's fault.

I don't understand why Now Playing might be throwing this error, is it possible that the plugin is sending an exorbitant amount of requests? (WIX has a 5000 requests per minute cap for free accounts, but that should be MORE than enough)

Or maybe Now Playing is categorizing this error falsely? I feel like something else is wrong here, but don't have much access to debugging information.

There is also an absolutely dismal amount of documentation for the plugin at the provided documentation site:

Any help would be so incredibly welcome! Thanks!

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I also found this on the WIX support site...


This error was never logged when the Now Playing plugin attempted the request, furthuring my theory that this isn't an issue with WIX.

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