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Fallback Track Groups?

Crazy simplified version of what I'm trying to do in order to save space, but here it goes...

Let's say I have these categories: "Power Pop", "Secondary Pop" and "Tertiary Pop", along with "Power Rock", "Secondary Rock" and "Tertiary Rock".

Clock looks like this:

00:00  POWER POP



What I would LIKE to do is have the system look for a song in "POWER POP" that doesn't violate any rules. If it can't find one, it looks for one in "SECONDARY POP". If there's not one there, it checks "TERTIARY POP", but always goes in that order of priority. Same for the following clock position at 03:41.

I know I can group categories, but I want to be able to prioritize a category within the group. Basically, I want the best available song from each category.

How do I get there?


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Hi Neil,

I don't believe it is possible to achieve what you need, PlayIt Live can schedule from a selected track group, but it cannot try one group, and then another etc.

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