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How do I change what PlayIt Live pulls from as auto-fill?

I recently had an hour that ran short on music leading to a break. PlayIt Live did it's job by filling in a song that would take it to the break. The problem is it pulled up a Christmas song! Just something about it being 85 degrees outside and your stream is playing Dean Martin and "Let It Snow". Was actually funny but not. Is there a way to control what folder PlayIt Live pulls from to use for filler? If so, I'd rather set a folder and tell it to pull from there where I can put in music to use as filler. It would be novelty or one hit wonder songs. Rarely heard but there as a filler if needed. I really

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Hi Darrell,

The scheduler will pull tracks from the Playout Pattern (Manage > Playout Pattern) to fill up to a marker or the end of the hour. If you don't want Christmas songs to appear, ensure that only track groups with songs you want are selected here.

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