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Hourly Top Of the Hour


Could someone point me in the right direction how to start an hourly jingle (TOTH) at .

I created some Track Groups and a Playout Pattern.

After pressing Automation the system plays the track and jingles as created in the Playout Pattern.

However, I want PlayIt Live to interrupt every hour and start a TOTH and then continue the playlist

Hello Mike,

Create a clock that starts with a fixed time marker of 00:00, then your top of the hour, then the rest of your schedule for an hour and then put the clock in a clock schedule.

The only problem with this is that your last item in the previous hour may be cut short.

Have a read of and the Scheduling & Clocks section.

The video is good as well.

It took me a little while to understand the thinking behind PlayIt Live.

It is essentially "layered" with it being fairly easy to get started but refinements are available as needed.

Many thanks Mark!
I understand now ;-)

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