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Licence not updating

Hi i bought the bulk package licence for £50 but the licence information is not updating. 

Can anyone help?

Hi Robert,

Please follow these instructions:

You can force a refresh by going to Help > Licensing Information and clicking Refresh Licence. If the module is not picked up, make sure you are logged in with the correct account. Click Log Out and then Update Licence and log in again with the account you purchased the subscription with. 

I can see a licence has not been picked up by your system since 4th December.

I also notice that you have purchased Voice Tracking Module and Advanced Scheduling Module separately. I assume you do not require these since you purchased the bundle. Please tell me if you would like these cancelled and refunded.

Hi Jason can you cancel the separate voice tracking module and advance scheduling subscription as done by mistake thanks.
Tried refreshing but not being picked up by system

Hi Robert,

Please may I request that you click Log Out and then Update Licence. Simply clicking Refresh Licence is unlikely to work.

I will cancel your other subscriptions.

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