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nowplaying send to twitter

hi jason and staff i am having trouble 

with sending now playing from PIL plugin

up to twitter?

so sorry if this has cropped up before in another post

i have the following settings


but don't know if this correctly done?

i have done this before but not with PIL everything has changed since it did a twitter now playing ha

You would require an additional service for this such as Auto Post -

i have seen someone tell someone else's post about sending data to tunein

now i have my key from twitter what do i put into playit now-playing plugin

i don't want to send to tunein i just want to send from nowplaying plugin up to twitter

so there is a will and a way if people can send now playing from playit upto tunein

there's a way to do it with twitter

There is no way to do this directly with the Now Playing plugin without an intermediary service such as Auto Post

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