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my stream wont connet?

 my stream keeps going form active to stopped ever seconded i am using shoutcast easy


imagei have entered all the details right but it just wont connect to shoutcast stream  any thing i am missing here?



I don't know for definite but my guess is that the problem is with the PlayIt Live built in encoder's support for Icecast (2), which slightly curiously is what seems to need as a source.

I've had a look at their support pages:

How do I connect my encoder stream to Shoutcast Easy? – Shoutcast (

Since they support Rocket Broadcaster (which can take PlayIt Live as a source), I would try with the free version of that. It gives some useful diagnostics as it tries to connect.

Once you have proved you can connect with Rocket Broadcaster you can either continue to use that or see if getting that to work has given any help in getting the PlayIt Live encoder working.

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