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How to set stream to 'publlic'?


I don't know how to make Playit Live go public.

I've just started using this software and like it so far, but when I connect to the server (Shoutcast v2), it streams in private mode.

I've configured my server to be "publicserver=always", and when I connect to it using Winamp it goes public just fine, directory listing is there along with title and artist info.

But when I connect to it via Playit Live, my server status indicates
"Server is currently up and private (not Listed)" and there seems to be nothing I can do to change it.

Is there something I'm missing?


Thank You very much! I will let you know how it turns out.

Hello Eric,

Have a look at Rocket Broadcaster for streaming software which has more functionality regarding public streams.

The general link:

The Streaming Audio Encoder | Rocket Broadcaster

The page about setting public or not (read down to "Advanced":

Streams - Configuration | Rocket Broadcaster Docs

There is a useful page on getting metadata from PlayIt Live into Rocket Broadcaster at:

How to ingest metadata from PlayIt Live into Rocket Broadcaster - How-To Guides | Rocket Broadcaster Docs

The free version is good to experiment with but the paid version allows a processing VST pluging which is a massive advantage and also metadata ingest and a choice of streaming bitrates.

It works well with PlayIt Live and I highly recomment the two in combination.

Hi Eric,

There is no requirement to use the Internet Broadcast plugin for streaming. You can use other streaming software such as RadioCaster (not free). The Winamp streaming plugin also allows you to select a soundcard Input. You can record your computer's sound you can stream this using Winamp.

Hello Jason,

Thank you for your response. Can you recommend any options, or anything I can do?

I really like this program and I've spent countless hours configuring it and getting it just the way I like it, but I really need my stream to be public. Are there any work-arounds, or anything?

Hi Eric,

Streams sent by the Internet Broadcast plugin are always marked as Private. There is no way to change this to Public.

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