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Group/Playlist by year

Hello everyone, 

Is it possible to create a group from an existing group based on the year?

Ex. I have a group with all my alternative songs in and I want to create a group based on that with songs only from 90s so I can have a 24h 90s playlist.

I've tried to do a group based on year, but it shows all my songs from all groups (reggae, classic, pop etc.). I want to target a specific group.

(Play all 90-91-92-93...etc from alternative group) 

Also if that isn't possible, maybe you could add a playout policy, year based.

Thanks in advanced!

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It is not possible to filter tracks by an existing track group. My suggestion would be use the Tags feature in Tracks to tag a track as Alternative and 90s and then create a track group that has Tags CONTAINS Alternative AND Tags CONTAINS 90s.

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