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Tracks skipping

Every song or two there’s a track that skips when broadcasting and the only way to fix it is to completely restart the software which loses my listener momentum. Is there anyway to fix the skipping problem without restarting the software? And it only seems to do this when adding and downloading new songs from my Internet server - but my computer meets the minimum CPU specifications and is not using very much power at all. Any suggestions how to fix?
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Hi Joe,

Skipping while broadcast is usually caused by other software running on the computer that is preventing PlayIt Live from sending the audio fast enough, or reading the audio data from disk. It can also be caused by your streaming provider, usually ones that are free or very cheap.

Please can you show a screenshot of the specification under Help > Spec Check and also the programs running under Task Manager: right click the task bar and select Task Manager, expand More Details and sort by CPU.

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