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Title/ Artist Display

Is it possible to turn off the title artist display for entire track groups such as imaging and station promos?

Hi Shawn

It is not clear what you mean by Title/ Artist Display? On each of the players? Why would this be useful?

I’m sorry, not on the player, but I am trying to prevent RDS displaying title/artist on promos or station ids. The work around would be to label every station ID with the station name, but I would prefer for the RDS and recently played to only display music and not the other elements.

This can be achieved with the Now Playing plugin where you can select the track groups that are ignored and not written to file or sent via HTTP or TCP. Add your Promos and Station IDs to track groups and ignore these track groups.

Thanks Jason, 

I do have those track groups selected to be ignored, but they are still coming across on my HTLM5 page built by LIVE 365. According to LIVE 365 they are being fed the txt file, but those track groups still show. HOWEVER, in the Live 365 Widget they are all ignored except the files used to trigger local ads, even though its is in a track group marked to be ignored, it still shows all the metadata on the player.

Any other suggestions or thoughts on how this can be eliminated?

Hi Shawn

You should ensure that "Enable title streaming" is turned OFF on the Internet Broadcast plugin. The Title Streaming feature of the Internet Broadcast plugin would be what is sending the non-song metadata.

Here are the instructions to update the Icecast metadata via HTTP if required on the Now Playing plugin:

Hi Thanks again for the info.  If you look at the attached screenshot "Enable title streaming" is not available as an option, however there is an "override" . Is this the toggle to turn that feature off?


Hi Shawn,

I know I already answered this via Facebook but thought I would response here for completeness and others benefit.

The Enable title streaming is shown on each individual Stream so you would need to click Stop Streams and then edit the stream, untick the box and restart the stream.

Im having the same issue, when i ignore the group it still sends the artist and / Title,

also if i disable the "send stream info from the broadcast plugin. It doesn't send anything at all. SO that has to be enabled.

Hello Jason, to follow up your point on the "Now Playing" plugin, I can see

how that would push for a single mount point (assuming you have a single stream). 

Is there a way of getting the "Now Playing" plugin to push to two or more different mount points?

Incidentally, the worked examples for the "Now Playing" plugin are very handy.


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