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Can this software do this?

Hi, I am the studio engineer for a community FM radio station in Oregon, USA. I'm looking for playout software to do the following, and wonder if PlayIt is suitable (the manual is a bit overwhelming):

  1. Ablity to create and save a playlist of a couple dozen items.
  2. Those items are all "pull a random file from this folder and play it, then pull a random file from that folder and play it" items. 
  3. Auto-launch that playlist when the program starts. 
  4. When the bottom of the playlist is reached, loop back to the top, and do so over and over until the program is closed. 
Is this possible in PlayIt? Thank you!

You are free to download the software from to see if it does what you need.

PlayIt Live does not work by creating and saving playlists. It uses the industry standard way where you create clocks as templates for each hour and schedule those clocks at a specific time of day. This allows tracks to be played at random from the track groups that you want to play from at the times you specify. When PlayIt Live launches it will schedule using the clock that is scheduled for that hour. When the end of the hour is reached the next hour that is scheduled to play will be played out. You can find a full video of our scheduling features here:

If you don't think of a "playlist" as something created in advance, then in my view PlayIt Live will meet your requirements.

Understanding the concepts behind PlayIt Live takes a while but once you understand why it works the way it does, the software is very capable.

Give it a go.

My top tip is to think very carefully about the structure of your music folders.

Draw out how you want the scheduling system to see the music.

For example, you could have a folder for:

<Decade> <Genre> <Tempo Fast>

then it is much easier to make and manintain a track group that has those attributes.

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