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Re-cue a track with a keyboard shortcut.

Hi for the next update of PIL, is there any chance you could add a keyboard shortcut to re-cue a track? I know you can check the box while it's playing and rewind or fast forward that way but an instant restart or re-cue would be great.

Cheers Jason.

Hi Gareth. I would recommend reviewing tracks using the segue editor or the track editor, using the pencil icon in the playout log, or double-clicking an item in the track list. PlayIt Live does not intentionally support the workflow you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for the reply Jason. Yeah, getting used to the segue editor now.

One feature that would be quite handy would be to be able to be able to preview a future item in the schedule by clicking on it.

You can "Edit Segue" or "Delete" at the moment but having "Edit Track" there as well would be very handy.and achieve most of what Gareth wants.

It doesn't achieve the recue functionality (which I sometimes wish for if I'm recording something "as live" !) but it would let you check quite how a track starts,

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