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Fixed Hit Market

hi, when i used it a few years back i noticed that there was a Fixed Hit Marker but when its in automation now i dont see that? 

we are looking to implement this into our full studio and only use this but i need to try and get the clocks and other set up. if there is anything you can send me to understand it all? 

Fixed time markers can be found at the bottom right of the software. It is now possible to collapse these away using the Up/Down double arrow at the bottom right so it may be hidden under that. If you still can't find it, please post a screenshot so I can see what you are seeing.

i know about them being at the bottom right, but it used to auto load them on older version?

There are no changes in this area. The only time when Fixed Time Markers would automatically load was if they were part of Clocks and scheduled with Log Scheduler ON

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