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Has anyone tried to setup touchportal with playit live?

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i tried that aswell, that's what can "easy" be done:
- You can create Buttons which execute different keyboard shortcuts to f.e. activate the Microphone (if you have the Mic/Mix In) Plugin) or to start the Player, etc... You can also set that the button changes it's color when your Mic is turned on.

- To change the volume of your Microphone with Touch Portal you can create a new slider (that is possible in the new Touch Portal version) and select it to control the Windows Volume for the Audio Input.

There is also a Plugin to send Midi signals with Touch Portal. This could work with the Playit Live Plugin to control Playit Live via an external controller over Midi, but I haven't tried this yet.

If you need any help with the first two things, I can help you furthermore :)

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