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Setup advert campaign for alternate days


How can I setup advert campaigns to be played on alternate dates?

For example: 

Advert A on Odd Dates like (1-Feb-22, 3-Feb-22, 5-Feb-22, 7-Feb-22....and so on)

Advert B on Even Dates like (2-Feb-22, 4-Feb-22, 6-Feb-22, 8-Feb-22....and so on)

I have tried to go according to specify and remove days in particular weeks, but that didn't wok (see the screenshot below).


In spite of removing it from particular weekdays, it is still playing the ad on those days too.

This is not possible. You can only separate based on hours and days of the week. The scheduler will not schedule adverts during hours you have not selected. If the advert has already been scheduled into the Advert Log, you will need to unschedule the advert log for that time period and re-schedule it.

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Ok, applied for the particular weekdays and then after saving it I unscheduled it and scheduled it again. It worked fine for the alternate days on weekly basis. Thanks for the response.

But I would appreciate and request, if you can still add this feature to schedule the adverts on Even and Odd dates basis because on week days basis it will go Monday to Sunday Alternatively, but on next Monday it would play right after the Sunday to make it a sequence and break the alternate strategy. 

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon

I understand your issue. Please feel free to raise this as a feature request on this page:

It will however need to be prioritised amongst many other feature requests.

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