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Adverts Future Logs


I have recently started using PlayItLive. Its a great experience using it. But a few challenges I am coming across. starting with first one.

I have 4 spot blocks in an hour.(on 13th, 26th, 39th and 52nd minutes of each hour).

Providing a situation that my client wants me to play an ad two times each hour.

My clients want to know the specific timings the adverts are going to play, so that they can monitor them on those particular timings, rather then listening the FM entire day to hear their ads, which is quite impractical.

Can you please help me to either get the spots placed on particular spot blocks or may be getting the future logs when the adverts are going to play. 


Roht Ghate

Hi Rohit,

When you add an Advert to a Campaign you can select how many times that Advert will play in which hours. For example, you can enter 2 into the grid for the Advert to play twice in that hour:

Make sure to click Calculate beside Max plays to increase the chances of the Advert playing in each hour. I say "chances" because it all depends on other Adverts playing in that hour and other constraints in place.

There is currently no way to export a list of future plays of a track. If you schedule ahead via Manage > Advert Log, you can take a screenshot of the adverts that will play in the future and send that to your client.

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for pretty quick response on this.

I am placing the ads exactly the same way as you have shown above. This way I can only control the hour part (like, how many times an ad to be placed in an hour), but still unable to control the minutes part (like, which ad blocks of the hour I have to place the ad on).

For below example, considering that I have 4 ad blocks in 10th hour, which are 10:13, 10:26, 10:39, 10:52. I want to setup an ad 2 times in 10th hour. and the specific times for everyday would be 10:13 and 10:39. How would I get this done without doing it manually everyday?


It is not possible to say which times in the hour the advert should play. If you want to be that specific, you should just schedule the advert to play as a normal track as part of a clock.

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