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I have been using PlayIt Live for my own online radio station for quite awhile now and really like it. I just got a gig hosting a Metal show on another online station. The station uses SAM Broadcaster, which I think uses Icecast 2. I tried using PlayitLive with SAM Broadcaster, but it wont work. I am assuming it is because PlayIt Live is not compatible with Icecast 2. It works on other software I have tried, so this is why I think it is because PlayIt Live is not compatible with Icecast 2? 

Has there been any discussion by the creators to make PlayIt Live compatible with Icecast 2?

Fantastic! It works now.  And....just in time for my show later. I very much appreciate your help.  

Hi William

Thanks for sending over the password. It looks like this was an issue with the old Icecast protocol 'method' that was used (the server you are connecting to is not the latest version). I have updated the plugin to fix the problem which you can download from the website:

Hi William,

I've had a look at the details and they look correct, however I get the same message when I try details in the BUTT encoder software. Obviously I am going to get user/pass incorrect when I do not know the password. My only other thought is that you are being denied access if there is already someone/something streaming to that mount point. I am happy to take a deeper look if you can send me the password via email from the address on this page:

I expanded it and it says "Failed to log in: Invalid username or password. Server could not be initialized"

I have attached 2 screenshots. First is the info I enter into PlayIt Live. Second is the email I received giving me the details from the provider.  I have been careful about the password. I have paid close attention to whether caps were on while typing it. I even tried copying and pasting the password. As I said earlier, I entered details into Mixxx software and it works.  But, I dont want to use Mixxx. PlayIt Live is so much better.


You can expand the column by dragging the edge and making it bigger. If you can post a screenshot of the details you are entering into PlayIt Live and the details from your provider that would be helpful. Edit out any passwords.

I checked and rechecked details. I keep getting notice that log in failed. I cant read the entire display of the reason. I see "Inv..'". So, I assume it is saying it failed due to something that was invalid. But, as I said I checked. Also, I tried Mixxx software and entered the same details and it connected. For whatever reason, it wont log in on PlayIt Live. I am trying to figure out why because I really like PlayIt Live and would like to use it for my show.

Hi William

"Icecast" is Icecast 2. There was never a publicly released version of Icecast 1.

Please check your details if Icecast is not working for you.


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