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play it rec crashing

Hi Jason and team in the last 3 weeks or so the play it recorder it just crashing/


it just freezes the programme I noticed it more in the last week it crashed last Saturday it was Tuesday when I spotted it, I had to reboot the pc fully to get it working again then it crashed Thursday night again I just got to it in the last hour again by fully rebooting the pc twice this time in mines as it wouldn’t auto start up



if you try and exit the programme to close it, it is only putting it in minimize tray and not fully close the play it rec programme. 

Hi JP.

Please can you try sending me your PlayIt Recorder data by running this program from the PlayIt Recorder computer: 

I can check to see if there are any errors in the data.

You can close PlayIt Recorder in the following ways:

File > Exit > Yes

If minimised to tray:

Right click the icon > Exit > Yes

Hi Jason the error data file is gone back to you 

Regards JP

Hi JP,

It looks like your data is in order. It is the simplest setup. I have not had any other reports of similar crashes so I can only assume this is something related to your PC. This could be a sound card or audio driver issue. It could also be anti-virus scanning the recordings/data folder preventing them from being updated.

If you have anti-virus on the computer, please include an exception to the F:\ recordings folder and also C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Recorder which is where the data is written to.

hi jason sorry i forgot to reply last time we got the issue sorted ot was a new 6month old faulty harddrive was causing the issue



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