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Playout Policy Rules

Hi Jason.  This is Dan Pettegrew.  I'm almost finished with my automation test.  I've built all of the clocks and they seem to be running beautifully.  Our music library is a Beautiful Music Format.  Some of our tracks have the same title performed by various Beautiful Music Orchestras.  Here's an example:

HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE Andre Kostelanetz 00:03:33
HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE Manuel 00:02:33
HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE Paul Mauriat 00:02:55
HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE Richard Clayderman 00:03:45

I have them archived in a folder named General Use.  I've created Playout Policies for the folder; track separation of 120 hours and artist separation of 6 hours.  Is there a way I can create an user-defined Playout Policy to separate titles to prevent the same title performed by a different orchestra to be scheduled within the same hour?  Or, is there an option located in the PlayIt Live software that i can select?  I know you have a feature that allows a track to be associated with another track.  We have over 3,000 tracks in our library.  It would take quite some time to go through the multiple track titles and associate them as the same artist.  Thanks, Dan

Hi Jason.  Thank you.  I was able to insert the title separator on version and it is working great.  I noticed that in your Facebook posting, you advised to download version  I haven't installed that version yet.  When I installed PlayIt Live on my computer from your website, version was downloaded and installed.  I checked the software this morning and said that version is available to download.  I haven't installed that version yet either.  Please see attached snapshot.  Should I install version before installing  Thanks.  Have a Blessed Day, Dan 

Hi Dan,

You can install 3479 without having to install 3476.


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