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Associate File(s) with each other - paired files

I have instances where I want to "associate" two files with each IF one file is scheduled to play, through a clock or a playout policy, the other file will also be scheduled.  An example of this would be 

ZZTOP - Waiting on a Bus (file #1) > Jesus Left Chicago (file #2)

These songs were released and "paired" (or segued) together on the album and are generally played together, back to back.

I am asking if anyone has a trick for this or if we can we make this a feature request?

MP3DirectCut lets you append MP3 files without re-encoding them. Clearly they need to be the same bitrate etc. and I wouldn't try it with a VBR file but worth a go.

Russ, you would need to join the two tracks together in Audacity or Audition. There is no way to link tracks in this way.

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