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Associate File(s) with each other - paired files

I have instances where I want to "associate" two files with each IF one file is scheduled to play, through a clock or a playout policy, the other file will also be scheduled.  An example of this would be 

ZZTOP - Waiting on a Bus (file #1) > Jesus Left Chicago (file #2)

These songs were released and "paired" (or segued) together on the album and are generally played together, back to back.

I am asking if anyone has a trick for this or if we can we make this a feature request?

Russ, you would need to join the two tracks together in Audacity or Audition. There is no way to link tracks in this way.

MP3DirectCut lets you append MP3 files without re-encoding them. Clearly they need to be the same bitrate etc. and I wouldn't try it with a VBR file but worth a go.

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