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Loudness analysis and track libraries

Hi there,

I was really stoked to learn that a loudness analysis tool was being added to Play It Live and was keen to get cracking as I have an extensive library from a lot of sources with different recorded levels. However, upon running the tool it reported that it would take 18 days to analyse my library of over 75,000 tracks.

So I'm thinking, if I save my library after processing as a .csv file can I then import it to other machines on my network with the new gain data as all my music is stored on a central server accessible by all my devices. Or will I need to run through the process on each PC?


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Hi Julian

The algorithm is very complex so it is expected to take a very long time. Tracks are prioritised based on where they are in the playout log. So upcoming tracks will be prioritised first. You should not really need to worry about the levels if you are running automation as it will take care of analysing the most important ones first.

It is not currently possible to save the gain values as CSV to be imported onto another machine on your network, so you will need to analyse on each machine. If you are synchronised with PlayIt Manager or another PlayIt Live instance using the Remote Management module then the Gain value will be synchronised across. This is a paid-for module.

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