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Using PlayIt Live to play intro and outro bumpers for a podcast with hard timing

So I'm new to PlayIt Live, but I got the basics down for setting up a clock for an hour and having the log Scheduler follow it. My goal is to have an intro bumper play out of one Track group and a short outro bumper play from another group to put bookends on a talk segment. I use the playout software as a source in a mixer and record and stream the content separately because it's part of a video production. The issue is that the software keeps playing music from the "All Tracks Group" until the next hard event that then  starts the next scheduled intro or outro music.  I dont need the software to play ad breaks, I have another system doing that when needed, but may need to have PlayIt Live do it in the future if I fire up a live AAC stream or something.

I just need it to play a track, sit and wait, and then play a track again, and so on and so on...

Hi Cj

PlayIt Live requires each hour to be filled which is why you are seeing other tracks. If you wish silence to be placed between tracks at the top of the hour you can insert a Break Note item to fill the gap which will just play silence for the specified period of time. PlayIt Live will then not need to fill the hour with tracks from the All Tracks group.

Ok, that seems to work, but it looks like I need to create a Break Note for the exact time between the Hard Events. could I make the Break Note exceed the time between the Hard Events, or would that keep the Intro Bumper group from being played in the log? 

You can exceed the time of the break note. The Hard Fixed Time Marker will cause the next track to be played at the target time.

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