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Monitored Folder/Track Missing

Hi all hope someone can help me? 

I have set up a monitored folder linked to a dropbox account.  

I have linked this with a clock and to our clock schedule.  

When loading this into play it live, it reads the track from dropbox and schedules. However 

When I delete the track from dropbox and add a new track play it live displays as “missing track” and then fills up the remaining with other random tracks with the playout policy set.

As the monitored folder rescans every 29 seconds, it picks up that there is a new file uploaded in dropbox, it registers it, and adds it to the track group/clock but does not override or replace all the extra tracks that filled up the space or the missing track.  

How do I go about this so that when we add a new track (the latest track), that it will override the missing track and play.  

I am really keen to get to use playit live to its full potential. 

I have also scanned and read all about the monitored folders in the help/document but there is nothing related to my issue that I can see after spending a good 7 hours and 23 cups of tea (its good for you!)

TIA for any help

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