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PlayItLive Title Streaming not sending special characters correctly

 Hi, created an account in the forum just for this, I've been using the software for about 2 years or so as of this post, and there is just one problem that's never been fixed: When sending the audio stream with Title Streaming, the ID of the track embed on it doesn't seen to send any characters different than the standard English alphabet, like, for example: A Brazilian song name "Ira! - Envelheço Na Cidade", shows completely fine inside the app, but when the name is broadcasted to any platform outside the app, it comes out as "Ira! - Envelheo Na Cidade", another example is with Japanese characters, a song called "AnTgry - Seaside ディスコ" becomes "AnTgry - Seaside ", I don't know if this is a ID protocol limitation, or something that never was talked about and nobody noticed it.

Would be great if this could be fixed in future versions of the program!

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