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Some programs not playing

Certainly not a new topic I'm certain, but A LOT of my programs are not playing.  The programming will go to the next program, but still, the program skipped will have the circle with the line through it.  I don't care to have programming end 'on the hour', so continuous 24 hour programming is okay. 

I don't have the program end on the hour, so not certain why programming is being skipped.  I know that the skipped programs work, because I can place it back in for the next hour...AND IT WORKS!  :)

Here is my email address if you can help...and thanks!

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Hi Tim,

Tracks will be marked with the Skip icon if they cannot be loaded. I can see from the notification bar it says "File does not exist". Under Tools go to Missing Track File Analysis and check all the tracks in the database exist. This can also happen if you have an temperamental disk or network connection - it is not clear to me where E:\ resides. "File does not exist" is only shown after PlayIt Live has asked Windows "does this file exist?" and it says "No". So Windows is not seeing this file at the time it is loading the track into the player. 

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