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Playit Live Not Keep ISRC Numbers

Why does it keep losing ISRC numbers when the software is restarted.

Hi Roger,

Please could you show a video of your workflow to reproduce this problem. 

Running the latest version from the website, when I enter an ISRC for a track, save and exit PlayIt Live, the ISRC is retained for that track.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your response.  I  have following your comment solved the issue. If the tag information is updated by the programme i use to maintain the database , this results in the isrc number and label information disappearing.     I have now changed the settings in this programme and all is good.  

Sorry to have troubled you.    

Great Programme by the way, will be launching the station shorthly on the web, do you have anywhere i can get the HTML code to included your logo on our website by any chance. 

Once again thanks again for the quick response.

Hi Roger,

You can find Powered By badges on this page which you can include on your website:

I would not recommend updating the database using external tools outside of PlayIt Live. PlayIt Live pre-loads the data so any change in the database will not take effect. My recommendation would be to export the list of tracks via Manage > Tracks > CSV Export and then re-import after you have changed the CSV data.

Hi Jason,

Sorry i think i'm being a little thick here can see how to export from tracks as you explained, how would i then import this back into playit after i have made these changes as i can't see any options to import other than playout logs. .  

Hi Roger,

Tracks can be imported from CSV via Manage > Tracks > Add New.

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