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Recoding/Reboradcasting a Show

Greetings all!

First off, I love PiL! I'm really enjoying the software, so thanks for putting out such a great product!

I have friends in the UK who want to listen to my show, but my start time (6 or 7 PM EDT), is a bit too late for most of them to tune in. What is the best way to record a show live, then rebroadcast it, say, the next day at a designated time?

Thank you in advance for any help, tips, or knowledge you can offer!

Tommy Scot

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Depending on how you make your programme (with an external mixer or within Play It Live) different approaches might be best.

Assuming you use a mixer then also recording the output using Audacity or PlayIt Recorder would be one way.

If you use processing, ideally you would record post processing or use processing on the recording.

I use Audacity to record the mixer output then use the "Broadcast" processor VST plugin to make a processed file.

Finally, one place to host the programme would be Mixcloud ( ).

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