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Help adding music to Tracks

Hey Jason, I purchased a lot of music and downloaded it to my P.C. with playit live on it and we have tried everything we know to add to Tracks and it does not show up. We even made a short cut to Desktop and taskbar and still can not get it to Tracks. We can do emails with music/programming or a cd and it works but we just can not get this music over to tracks. If I click on the Music file and pause playit live the music plays perfectly.Thanks, Max Norton WCVP/WCNG

What sort of music is it (file type) ?

At a guess there are multiple accounts (users) on the computer and PlayIt Live was installed on a different account to the one with the music files.

I only ever have a single account on a PlayIt Live computer and that seems to work OK.


Hey Mark, I purchased music from Amazon did a download tried everything can not find it in the TRACKS ADD playit live. But I can click on Amazon Music and it will play over playit live, I can pause playit live and use Amazon Music works great just can not figure out how to open a file for allow playit live to to record Amazon Music. We have a few tunes that we purchased and downloaded from Amazon Music and it works great, old and can't remember how I did it. Thanks, Max

If you buy multiple Amazon tracks they download in a zip file.

If you extract the individual MP3 files and put them in a folder in the account PlayIt Live is installed in they can be added to the library and will play.

I do exactly this and it works !


I don't use the Amazon player but I've got a feeling it doesn't use the files in the same way. It may have DRM protected copies.

Amazon music allows two downloads of the MP3 file. Perhaps you haven'y go the real files.

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