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High CPU with 'Delete Old Recordings' enabled.

Win 20H2 , I7 CPU. PlayItLIve uses ~1% CPU.  PlayIt Recorder was using ~15%, even when idling between recordings.

We record to a UNC path. We don't map drives for security reasons.  This works fine (low CPU) unless you enable;

File>Settings>Delete Old Recordings.

Enabling it instantly causes CPU to jump from ~2% to 15% constantly, irrespective of the values entered.  Can you please review code to more efficiently (less frequently?) check drive space & recording dates?.  Thanks for the great software!

Hi Aaron,

This appears to have been caused by PlayIt Recorder unable to check the disk space levels of the UNC path. Please try this new version: - I've removed this disk space check for UNC paths and, as a result, it will not be able to clean up if disk space is low on the UNC path. Old recordings will still be deleted.

Perfect.  Build 540 working well now with 'Delete Old Recordings' enabled. Thank you for the super-fast fix Jason.

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