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Encoder disconnects

Hi Jason

In the last week in particular we have had a lot of encoder disconnects  then stall monitor automatically reconnects.

Any clues in this log around the time of the stall? Have also enclosed minidump



(31 KB)

Hi Steve,

It looks like the stall was caused by a slow loading of a file over your network. It looks like this took 17 seconds to load which would have hung up the track editor:

\\\MORE\Presenters\IndyLive Radio\PlayIt Recorder\2021-03\2021.03.11_19-Oor Country_AUTO.mp3 took 00:00:17.1882219

Does this need to be loaded over the network?

Hi Jason 

This track is sitting on the same drive as playitlive

Does this mean we have PIL set up wrong?


This incident happened after setting a cue point on that small intro file using our remote login


different problem where a  podcast scheduled for 18:00  was loaded then unloaded before it got a chance to play out ??

Track: Michael McEwan and Matthew Lingard - Scottish sports Podcast - The Locker room #37: C:\MORE\Presenters\Michael McEwan - Disability Covid19\the locker room 37.mp3

is the file

Sorry to be laying all these on you, we'd like to understand it better to see if there is something we can do this end to prevent these occasional glitches


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