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anyone use listen2myradio and have trouble with PI SW not feeding app

Feeds the web, but not apps,  NextKast encoder works fine doing it, both web and apps on SC 1

I've not used "listen2myradio" but the PlayIt Live streaming encoder works OK to Shoutcast and Icecast servers from my experience. 

You could try using a different encoder (B.U.T.T. for example) as a test.

Personally I like (the paid version of) Rocket Broadcaster but B.U.T.T. would be a good test.

Listen2myradio seems to like a Shoutcast stream V2.

Do you have the absolutely latest version of the Internet Broadcast plugin ?

I found a previous version had some slightly broken metadata functions so that could be it.

Hi MArk:

Thanks for replying. Yes I have the latest encoder software (1.11) and it feeds the website, but errors on the apps. I am using NextKast as well, and it's built in encoder feeds the website and no errors on the apps, Same stream server, same settings exactly.

Tried Butt and turned the PIS encoder off, then PIS software itself as soon as I turned Butt on, twice. Butt did connect btw.

Just for the record I have been a commercial broadcaster for decades and setup BE's "AudioVault", RCS Selector, and I have loads of experience. I liked the gui of PIS better than NextKast, but for 199 bucks (including VT) and no problems, I think my decision has made itself. Winston (author of NextKast) actually has called me since I have vast Selector experience and asking for suggestions about the NextKast scheduler (advanced tempo control, packeting of songs, etc).

With this being said, I AM NOT endorsing any software. If PIS works for you, great! It just doesn't for me.

Correcting this line: Tried Butt and turned the PIS encoder off, then PIS software itself *Froze*as soon as I turned Butt on, twice. Butt did connect btw.

My best guess for the B.U.T.T. conflict is that a sound driver is set as allowing "Exclusive Mode" (in Windows settings Sound -> Properties (on the device) -> Advanced.

I've not used B.U.T.T. with PlayIt Live lately but they co-existed OK when I did.

What do you think makes for a good music rotation tool ?

Music can be considered in a multi dimensional space with release date, genre, pace (related to BPM but not really that) and arguably a "style" aspect and some rotation rule sets allow limitation on the amount of "difference" between two songs.

There is also the aspect of getting the selected music to fit a time slot.

How do you think a good rotation tool should work ?


That was pretty much it for me and PIS, and I don't say that with any animosity. I tried and tried. Will go with NextKast. It just works.

As far as a scheduler, I imagine any Internet Radio Software has issues with it. That's why Selector's instruction manual is the size of a metro phone book and costs 200-400 a month. Personally I like chronological categories that determine strength of song and decade. 60a, 60b, 60c  for example. Temp should be controlled at the song level. Code each temp with tempo, style (ac,rock,motown, etc). The software then controls the songs with those codes. For example, in a very basic way, song tempos 1, 2, or 3. Then any set of 3 songs (which is ever changing look at last 2 songs and if they totalled 3 and you have a 3 song set that has to be at least 5, the next song would have to be a 2 or 3. Similarly if the last two songs were both fast, it would select a 2 or 1. Of course you could have a rule that no "1" tempo song could follow a "3" (train wreck) but if you use a sweeper or live break it wouldn't make any difference. 

Also, no more than 2 motowns, or females, etc.

Scheduling is an art. The biggest mistake is that people don't take the time to correctly do the song codes. Or implement too many rules with too few songs in that category (in that case you could do "category pass order" and schedule Powers first.

I could talk for hours on scheduling. I often think of it as trying to make the music flow like a "sine wave". :)


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