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Mic not transmitting intm.


I'm doing Live broadcast to an Icecast server with Playit Live running on a Windows 10 laptop.

Intermittently after setting up I start my show and the microphone is not being transmitted. Anything on the playlist transmits fine.

All indications on Playit show the mic should be working......Push to talk is on and the VU meter moves.

Just as a side note while I was typing this I loaded Playit and then noticed the keyboard shortcut for the mic did not work. I opened the Plugin manager and opened the settings for the Mic mix/To talk to check them (no changes made) .....closed that up and the keybd shortcut for the mic worked.

Playit has the latest updates.....I'm thinking I might need to reinstall Playit!!

Hope you can help.......the worse part about this is you have no indication the mic is not transmitting...the only way I find out is to listen to a delayed live stream.



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Mmmm...the keyboard shortcut does work fine I just had the cursor in the Search box....but would be great to sort the mic not transmitting intermittently.


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