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Song titles: ignoring the uncategorized elements?

Hi All,

We made some shows with elements, jingles, short music clips from Windows Browser. We don't want to add these to database, because we changing some of them often, and it's faster than.

If we just drop the items from Windows Folders, the Now Playing plugin show this "Volcano Effect" / "Promo_20210217, etc. on the online stream. I saw, I can ignore some specific categories in Now Playing plugin (Beds, Station IDs), but these dropped elements/items are automatically uncategorized. There is any solution to solve this "afeukfean3a.mp3" song titles to hide from our listeners? :) 

Maybe adding an automatic "uncategorized" / "dropped" category for these dropped elements, and after check the box for them in Now Playing? Is it possible?

Thank you,


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