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PlayIt Live Updates

I have PlayIt file updates on my computer going back to 2015/2016.  I am wondering if it is safe to delete the old update files for 2016-2020 in order to free up disk space on my computer?  Unfortunately the Windows 10 PC only has a 120GB hard drive which is slowly being eaten up by Windows updates.  With the lockdown I can't get anyone to look at the PC with regards to adding an additional TB hard drive.

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As far as I know, all you need is the installed current version.

The installers are not needed unless you wished to revert to an old version.

I've a Windows 10 machine with a similar size SSD and having a look it was getting full.

I followed the instructions at:

and there is now considerably more spare space.

Alternatively, fitting a larger disk isn't that hard.

For Windows 10 the system really needs to be on a solid state disk (SSD). 

I recommend the WD "Blue" SSDs or Samsung "EVO" SSDs. Other (cheaper) ranges are available from each manufacturer and there are other cheaper makes but I've found these perform well.

Both WD & Samsung provide software to help you move a Windows installation to a new disk.  


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