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Audio Science Card

I have Windows 10 Pro loaded up with a AudioScience 6514 pro audio card.  Out is wired up to an Angry Audio StudioHub for digital playback into 4 separate inputs of a Wheatstone D-70 Digital console. Set it up for 3 of the outputs to be decks for playback.  Drivers are up to date.

Ain't working.  How should things be set at both a PlayIt Live and a Windows 10 configuration to get the sound cards to play from PlayIt Live.

Thanks in advance.  

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This SHOULD work OK..

From a Google there seems to be some kind of mapping in the sound card driver. 

Check that windows shows each sound card output as a device and then use the devices for the PlayIt Live outputs.

If it needs to be set, also I would chose 44.1kHz sampling on the card outputs.

Is there a mapping needed in the card setup software between sound devices and physical outputs ?

To test, use the PC built in sound output output for everything, once you are confident PlayIt Live works (it does !) then one by one assign outputs to your sound card and diagnose the problems.

If PlayIt Live is reasonably happy with a sound card the audio will apparently play (waggling audio meters and times counting) , it's then a matter of finding the audio!


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