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Recording Live?


I am new to Playit Live and have previously used Myriad.

Can you record directly into a cart while you are live or to test the output that all levels are correct. I might of missed a setting.

thank you


Hello Gary,

In general PlayIt Live doesn't record and doesn't really offer level control.

The idea is that files are the "correct" level prior to being played.

PlayIt Live will neatly fade at the end of items and duck as needed for segues but there is no "mixer" (in a conventional sense) in the system. 

For most uses, PlayIt Live will feed a "conventional" mixer and that mixer output can be used for recording by (say) Audacity or PlayIt Recorder.

A standalone system (which runs doing automated file playout) will not need a mixer as an "internal" mix is available for the streaming PlugIn.

The "Audio Processing" plugin has an AGC function will "tame" files with different levels (to a degree at least) although personally I also use MP3Gain on files prior to adding them to the PlayIt Live library.

Hi Mark

Thank you for your comprehensive response. Do you know that settings for Audacity as it picks up the mic output but not the output from Playit Live.



At a guess Gary, you are using a USB mic (or mic plus a sound card input) and the Microphone Mix plugin.

I'm a bit in the dark as I've never tried the Microphone Mix plugin but my understanding is that it adds the microphone to "PlayIt Live main mix" which the Internet streaming plugin can use as a source.

While the players, quick carts etc. can be sent to "physical" PC sound card outputs, there isn't a nice way of sending this "main mix" to another application (Audacity or whatever).

Clearly you could record the stream you produce but that isn't ideal and will be a little convoluted.

The best way of doing what you want is to have some sort of "physical" mixer and use the microphone into that (if possible).

Alternatively (and once again I've not tried this myself) there is a software mixer ( Voicemeeter Banana ) which you could try.

It would be handy for a number of purposes if "PlayIt Live main mix" could be sent to a sound card output but as far as I can see, it can't.

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