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Maintaining a backup computer - Track Groups problem

Hello all, Tom here from WIXL-LP, a low-power FM station in Madison, Wisconsin. Because everything breaks eventually, we have a second computer standing by ready to be put on the air in case our main PIL machine goes down. Periodically I copy the database over to the backup machine and do an xcopy of any new song files to make the machines as identical as possible. Recently I noticed that when I make changes to Track Groups on the main machine, those changes aren't reflected on the backup machine after the database is copied over. Other than that, everything else seems to track. The only file that I don't copy between machines is the settings.xml file, since the audio hardware is slightly different between computers. Is there something I'm missing? Would having PlayIt Manager keep 2 machines synchronized?

Hi Tom,

When PlayIt Live starts it preloads the track groups and holds them in memory. If you are copying the database from one computer to another then the changes in Track Groups will not be shown until PlayIt Live restarts.

PlayIt Manager does synchronise data between machines but it is designed for two live studios, rather than for redundancy.

Thanks for the response Jason. Our format includes 3 track groups of current songs that change frequently, and the last 2 times I've copied the database to the backup machine, the track groups didn't reflect the changes. If I understand your response, I wonder if it's because I'm copying the database file from the main computer while PIL is still running on it and any recent track group changes aren't yet reflected in the database file.

If we were to add PlayIt Manager to our current system, would Manager take a "snapshot" of theĀ  existing configuration, or would we have to build up the song database and track groups from scratch? I've been watching some of your YouTube videos on this but don't remember if that question was covered.

--Tom in Wisconsin

Hi Jason,

Today I made a copy of the PlayIt Live database (after closing PIL) and pushed it to our backup machine (also idle during the copy), along with all new music files added to the main computer. Upon starting up the backup computer, recent additions to tracks and changes to the track groups were not reflected, despite the file structure being identical on both computers. I'm apparently missing something. Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish our goal of having a ready-to-air redundant computer in case of disaster?

At this point it sounds like PlayIt Manager would get us close to what we long as tracks and track groups and clocks stayed synchronized it wouldn't really matter if the playout logs being generated didn't match exactly.



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