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Issues with Beds and TOTH


I've been using RNH for my news and I have beds for each item (news, sport, weather, showbiz) which are all set to No Fade.. After the last item, I have TOTH for the show that is on. 

For some reason the TOTH is playing over the song that is next queued even though it's set not.  This all started after all of the news items got a bed. I've attached screenshots but everything looks normal which is why I am so confused with this. ... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Hi Filip,

Is this happening consistently every hour? If so, please could you send me your database and logs using this tool and also email the audio files for the 4 beds and one of the TOTHs to and I will try to reproduce the issue.



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Hi Jason,. 

Thanks for your reply - I have sent you an email with all the details :)

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