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Hard Time Markers - Auto DJ

Is it possible for PlayIt Live to automatically fade songs throughout the hour in Auto mode to get to a Hard Time Marker, rather than fading just the last song? 

For example, I'm testing the system at the moment and I have a Hard Time Marker in place every hour at 59:45 to play a Top of Hour Jingle. If the hour is overrun, it will play a short amount of the last song and then fade it to hit the marker.

In other systems I've used in the past, there has been some form of AutoFade or Time Stretch ability. 

Or is this something to put into the feature request section?



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In various forms there are similar suggestions in the "feature requests".

It is really quite complicated to do this nicely, fading songs a bit early during the hour and a degree of finesse in the selection of songs in the rotation together could make it work fairly well.

It is one or two orders of magnitude more complicated than the current fairly simple selection rules.

If you add a well explained feature request I'll vote for it !

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