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Play it recording totally closing it self down

 dear play it

i have notice last now months while using play it recorder

about the same time every week till two weeks it will fully close its self down and stops recording till when ever i think at looking at the pc to see is it still running

or is there any way to can build into it to alert you if it has stopped working something like Silence Detector

I noticed that play it recorder closes down 3 days and 23 hours after it starts. Once reopened it carries on working reliably. This has happened twice, once from initial install and once following a re-boot of the PC.Both times it was 3 days 23 hours. Currently using 2.01 build 522. 

thanks very much for the info Kelvin

I have re-calculated and it is exactly 3 days (adding & subtracting time gets me a bit confused) from  start to complete close down. I think this is associated with the option to start PlayIt Recorder automatically after windows starts. I am still working on this, but starting it manually doesn't seem to bring up the same issue. 


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It turns out that Scheduled Tasks have a default to shut down after 3 days of running. I've updated PlayIt Recorder to ensure this does not happen:



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