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Separate jingles for weekend

How to programme weekend jingles just for Sat/ Sun? Leaving the Mon to Fri as normal.

Many thanks

(as long as you're running clock hours on the grid..)
Create a 'Weekend Idents' file in your folders library.
Make a copy of your weekday clock hour and rename it 'Weekend'.
On the Clock Grid schedule the 'Weekend' hour clock to run on Saturday and Sundays.
Change the weekend hour schedule to only use jingles from the 'Weekend Idents' file.

Graham - many thanks. I didn't know it was possible to make a copy of the weekday segments. Very much appreciated. 

Graham - sorry to be dim but I can't see how to copy the weekday clock hours and then rename them. 

Click on the small white square on the right of the clocks page, next to the rod delete button

should say RED delete button - soz

Grief - no wonder I couldn't fathom this out! I'll try that tomorrow. Did I miss this instruction in the manual?

The clone button is documented in the Manage Clocks page:

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