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able to use mixer

i want to if i may have use of my Numark partymix 

with playit and to be able to use its faders to fade between songs

now is this do able?

Sadly not Jay.

The Numark partymix is essentially a control surface for Serato. 

It can act as a two channel sound card for PlayIt Live but nothing else will do anything.

If you don't like Serato (which is very good at what it does but isn't really radio software) you could have a look at Mixxx.

Mixxx supports lots of controllers and is a bit more flexible than Serato. 

Serato is really a creative DJing tool, Mixxx is rather better if you just want to stack up a load of songs to play in sequence and suits a "party" DJ well.

PlayIt Live is fundamentally different as it is a radio playout system so will pick music based on rules and play 24/7.

so how comes playit supports other controllers and not numark partymix???

i am not switching software as i love playit

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