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Importing Large Music Library

Hello all. Hope everyone is well during these tough times. I have set up all my music in a folder, and all artists are listed in their sub folders including compilation albums. I am trying to dump the whole folder into Playit Live, but it isn’t allowing me to do so. I have 30,000+ songs in this folder, and it would take forever to input by albums; which is how I’m doing it now.... Please help!! Hoping to input all the music this weekend. Thanks so much for any help! Regards, Craig.

From bitter experience I can say you need to think hard about your intended music rotation approach and put copies of your music in folders as appropriate. I doubt that you really intend to automatically pick songs from a heap of 30000 tracks. I tried a folder of about 1000 when I first tried PlayIt Live and regretted it. My second attempt was rather more structured (by decade and genre) and that was more usable. I have a similar size master library but PlayIt Live has copies. Your next requirement will probably be to run MP3 gain over the files. Do make a copy before starting.....

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@Mark Hawkins thanks for the reply! That’s probably a good idea... MP3 gain? Can you point me to when I can get this? Thanks for your time.

Well Craig,

MP3 Gain is a Sourceforge project

Someone who downloaded it recently said it triggered an antivirus alert so perhaps a degree of caution is needed but I've used it for many years.

A good write up of how to use it is at:

Thanks so much for your help, Mark. Have a great day!
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