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News ID and Aux playing together

Hi, I wonder if someone could help, 

I am setting it Play It Live and its goes really well. 

What I am wanting to do is play a news intro jingle at say 59.50 the hour and get Sky news aux feed in on the hour - I have achieved this but I would like some flex on the aux input timings as Sky news can be a bit variable in their timings lol.

Ideally I'd like:-

News intro jingle 59:50

Aux open 59:59 (news intro still fading out)

Out jingle fading in from 02:00

Aux close at 02:02. 

Is there a way to achieve a crossover and play two carts at the same time?

Hi Ian,

Please take a look at this forum post:

You can replace the News Recording item with an Aux Input item. The key part is ensuring that the Cue Out point is set on the News Intro Jingle at the point where you want the Aux Input to come in.

Hi Jason, thanks for the reply.

We have the Aux set up and going into the news is fine, its coming out of the news that is more of an issue when Sky News are running late.

I'd like to run the AUX input and news out jingle as the same time (news out jingle fades up).

I would like to do the following:-

Out jingle playing from 01:59

Aux close at 02:02.

Ideally I am looking at a crossover between the AUX and jingle of about 3/4 secs.

Hi Ian,

I understand what you are trying to achieve. My only suggestion would be to use a scheduled event to load up the Out jingle into a QuickCart and play it at 01:59 each hour.


Hi Jason,

Many thanks for the reply, very much appreciated, I will try your suggestion. :-)


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