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No voice available through headphones in Segue editor

Using D Kool headphones in the jack I can hear the track, but not the sound of my voice that I am recording. I cannot change the Segue playback to anything other than Realtek speakers??

Mark, Thanks for the reply. I am using a USB microphone (Fi fine) and using JVC headphones via a 3.5mm jack to my laptop. The voice track is recording, and I can hear the music of both outgoing track, and incoming track but not my voice as I record the link. Strangely, if I plug the headphones into the jack at the back of the mic, I can hear my voice, but not the music! Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
I’ve not been able to confirm with a quick Google but the microphone output is probably just the microphone clean. If it appears as a sound card output in Windows you could try sending the audio there. I assume you are voice tracking (something I’ve not tried) and it may be that PlayIt Live won’t mix the two audios to give you a cue feed. A mixer would do this but not work with a USB mic.
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