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Issue with streaming


When I broadcast, it seems to boot everyone who's listening to AutoDJ off the stream and also displays a weird "Now Playing" song name:

Is this a server or client issue?

Interesting. It looks like a "standard" Shoutcast server (the old version). What makes the Auto DJ work ? Is it a file that is played if there is no DJ connected or something more sophisticated ?

One comment (which may or may not be of relevance) I found from a quick Google.

It seems that the Auto DJ needs to be at the same bitrate as your stream. Have you tried a different streaming client (such as B.U.T.T.) ?


My streaming encoder says its active and LOGGED IN but does not stream the audio. 

Please assist 


Does the server show a source connected and can you stream it (even if silent) to a streaming client ?

If so, then have you got the correct audio selected as the PlayIt Live streaming source ?

A few screen shots will help diagnose the problem (server and streaming client).

Also, this should be in PlayIt Live not Recorder, but we are where we are !

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