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24/7 - 12 months schedule?

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the great software, and for make it available

for everyone!

I've installed it and did dig into it, but it seems that some easy features are missing :D Maybe you could help?! 

I'm trying to create a simple schedule, that consists of record audio output for 24h, every day , 7days a week throughout the whole year, starting on day xxx at 00.00.00.

The audio log files should be only 24h long, divided at 24h mark and recorded into mp3 320kbps, named by date only: day/month/year

I've downloaded a new "" codec and set everything up as it should be, but I would like to know it these limitation (max 3h of mp3 recording) are also related to the other codecs or just the built in one?

What codec do you suggest to download, that will exceed the current length limitations of +3h?


All the Best,

Nik ,Radio FOX

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