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Remote URL Re connect?

Hi all.

Eg. Ive programmed a remote url to load at say midday for one hour, The remote url fails to load, does the software constantly look for the connection during that hour to reconnect. or, when the fail to load shows up in red at the top of the screen, does that mean its stopped looking? If it does stops looking, is it possible to tell play it live to continue looking for the connection through out the hour? 


Rea. . 

Hi Rea,

The Remote URL features assumes the URL is pointing to a reliable URL. PlayIt Live will try once and then stop. If you do not see the remote URL in the player at the top then it will not try again. A typical approach to failed URL loading is to add multiple instances of the Remote URL separated by songs, so you get the output of, Remote URL (failed) -> Advance to backup song -> Try Remote URL again (failed) -> Advance to next backup song.

Hi Jason.
Thank you for your reply.  Hmm?  I would say in this instance the assumption is wrong.  The url is good and has been working fine. 
I think the fail to load is caused by a few problems,  The url is down for a minute or two at the time I need to connect, or a brief internet issue at the point of loading.
Do you know if its possible to set play it to auto connect ongoing if there is a fail, rather like an encoder ?  If I'm in front of the screen when it happen its not a great problem because I can drop the same remote url in until it connects again,

Thank you

Rea. . 

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